About OAR


Currently OAR has  about 40 Masters members, and 70 Junior members. In each category the gender split is approximately 60% female, 40% male. About half of the Masters members are serious rowers, predominately female, getting on the water regularly.  Another quarter get out somewhat less than regularly.


OAR Documents of Interest


  • Maas 24 1x
  • Pocock 2x (three)
  • Vespoli  4+ (three)
  • Maas Aero 1x (four)
  • Owen 4+
  • Pocock  8+ (three)
  • Owen 2x
  • Pocock 4+
  • Vespoli  8+ (five)

OAR Board of Directors

The OAR Board of Directors meets the second Wednesday of each month at  7:00. Members are invited to attend.
President Dave Lingenfelder 
Member-at-Large John Stacey 
Secretary Debbe Cornitius 
Treasurer Karen Lally 
Member-at-Large Bent Mikkelsen 
Vice-President Scott Hughes 
Junior Program President Lisa Williams 
Junior Program Representative Dan Mayhew 
Masters Program Representative Kit Staples 
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OAR Master Rowers Steering Committee

Masters' steering committee meetings are the second Monday of each month......all members are welcome to attend.
Chair Kit Staples 
Secretary Kathy Juhlin 
Treasurer Karen Lally 
Membership Renee Thompson 
Novice Representative Margot McDonald 
Juniors/Masters Liaison Kit Staples 
Coach Liaison Debbe Cornitius 
Member at Large Sally Keller 
Member at Large Karen Waskow 
Member at Large Betty Carlson 
Member at Large Tom Hasbach 
Member at Large Laura Anderson 
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OAR Junior Crew Steering Committee

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at the South Eugene High School Library. Members and parents are welcome to attend.   
President Lisa Williams 
Treasurer Pam Jongeward 
Secretary Abby Gershenzon 
Membership Jenny Leavitt  
Member-at-Large Melanie Namkoong 
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