Rowing With Us

Adult Rowing

Currently OAR has about 40 Masters members, about 60% female and 40% male. About a half the Masters members are serious rowers, predominately female, getting on the water regularly. Another quarter get out somewhat less than regularly.

Junior Rowing

In the spring of 1984, a handful of rowers formed the South Eugene Rowing Club (SERC), and entered its first race that fall -- with borrowed UO equipment. Despite steady growth, it was 1995 before they could purchase their first boat. While expanding to include from 30 to 80 athletes from ALL 4J schools, additional coaching staff has provided a greater athlete-to-rower ratio.

A club sport, South Eugene Rowing Club provides an opportunity for local teenagers to experience rowing in the sleek racing shells familiar to the Northeast. Most fall and spring afternoons, our athletes "pull together" at Dexter Lake, having fun and getting in great shape. While winter training and bus transportation is based at South Eugene High School, this year's fifty-plus athletes hail from 4J middle and high schools. No prior experience, athletic prowess, or tryouts are required – just commitment!

OAR has Adult Rowing programs for all levels of experience and ability.

Novice Rowers

Practices are

Wednesdays at 5:30 pm and Sundays at 7am.

For more information, please contact Phil Carroll.

Master Rowers

Rowers with two years or more experience are eligible for the master's rowing program.

Racing Practices are on Wednesday at 5:30 and Saturday at 7:00 am.

Recreational Practices are on Sunday at 8 a.m.

Please contact Sally Keller for more information.

2012 Learn to Row Classes!

The Learn to Row Program is a great opportunity for anyone who has ever been curious about the sport of rowing. By signing up for one of our three-week introductory sessions you will learn the following:

  • Proper rowing technique, both in the boat and on the rowing machine
  • Boat and equipment education
  • Water, land and weight training
  • Coxswain training

OAR offers three Learn to Row two-week sessions every summer.

So how long exactly have the OAR masters been rowing together at Dexter Lake?

Coming soon - who has rowed with us over the years....

Curious teens can "dip their toes" into the world of rowing during South Eugene Rowing Club's optional summer program. With numerous local events, competing in several regattas each year, and daily practices, the athletes build strong friendships, respect, and lasting bonds. SERC has sent rowers all over the country. It is exciting to watch opportunities open up for our rowers as they are recruited by universities and colleges. is where you'll find complete and current information about our coaching staff, this season's regattas, summer rowing opportunities, our calendar, more pictures, scholarships, parent information, academic agreements, important documents and much more!

Check out our photos from a few recent events: (phanfare login required)

Alumni rowers & coxswains, parents, coaches, masters...

Now you can stay in touch with OAR by joining the Jr Crew Alumni Email List. We'll send you occasional messages full of:

  • race results
  • team news
  • upcoming events
  • cool photos of regattas you've been to and happenings at your old friendly Dexter Lake
  • coaches' reports
  • alumni reports - who's rowing in college? who's expecting a baby?! who's having a grand adventure?
  • news about the awesome buoyed race course going in at Dexter and the hope to host the PAC 10 championships there
  • and much more!

We've been at this for how long ? 25 YEARS !

A LONG time! Enough that we're surely on our second generation of rowers by now. Check out who our rowers and rowing families have been over the probably know someone.