How You Can Support O.A.R.'s Activities

Oregon Association of Rowers strives to expand area rowing opportunities.

Fund raising and donations allow us to keep dues low and provide opportunities to more people. Our Adult and Junior rowers separately manage their costs, dues and fund raising activities. Together we raise funds for activities and equipment of the whole Club.

Club Fund Raising

Any donation is greatly appreciated and is tax-deductible.

Send Donations to:

Oregon Association of Rowers

P.O. Box 11963

Eugene, OR 97440

(Tax-exempt non-profit #93-1034202.)

Junior Crew Fund Raising

Master Rowers Fund Raising

Flower Baskets

Help Us Add the Remaining Lanes to our Buoyed Race-Course

We help everyone be ready for Mother's Day with our Annual Flower Basket Sale. Through April and into early May we sell fabulous locally-produced hanging flower baskets for sun or shade - making them available for pickup the day before Mother's Day. Pick-up day for 2012 will be Saturday May 12 at South Eugene High School.

OAR’s long-term goal of constructing a 2,000 meter, seven lane, fully buoyed race course will provide one more high level regatta site to the northwest rowing community. Locally, it will bring many more rowers and visitors to Lane County, and boost the economies of Lowell, Springfield and Eugene. The cost associated with the miles of steel cable, anchoring systems, hardware and thousands of small lane buoys is very high so we plan to take small steps in reaching that goal.

OAR Junior Crew has particularly high operational-costs due to the daily bus-transportation between Eugene and Dexter Lake.

OAR Jr Crew has several fundraising events through the year to assist with funds for operations, equipment, and the Bill Reinka Scholarship Fund.

Activities include the Rowathon, Wreath and Poinsettia sales, Rent a Rower, car washes, and more. For information contact the team [] or see the Jr Crew website [] for upcoming events and fund drives.

To purchase a basket or learn how to sell them to friends, contact: Tom Hasbach

Annual Wine-Bottling Event

Working with a fine local winery, O.A.R. members personally bottle special fine wines for your enjoyment. Red or white - it's excellent wine and it's got the O.A.R. logo on the bottle. What more can you want?

To place your order for next fall, contact: Karen Waskow

Jam Anyone?

Need one jar or a dozen of famous Oregon jams like marionberry, blueberry, blackberry? O.A.R. has them for you, complete with our club logo on the label. Unbeatable for the home or as gifts around the world.

Or How About Coffee?

Support local rowing and satisfy your desire for rich organic fair trade coffee at the same time.We've got it for you in one-pound to five-bound bags.

To place your orders for jam and coffee, contact: Betty Carlson