Photo Sharing

Got Pics?

Sharing and posting photos on a club's website is always complicated by balancing the rights of the photographer and the club:

The photographer's right to control whether, which, where and how his photographs are displayed publicly...vs. the club's right to control whether, which, where, and how photographs are displayed on the club's official public website.

(We also try to be sensitive to the privacy and aesthetic-sensibilities of the photo subjects -- we're not out to embarrass anyone.)

Typically, the photographer retains complete control only until he gives his photos to the club. After that, the club retains complete control.

Using linked-slideshows does provide a few new options. Anywhere on the website, the club admin can display a slideshow of photographs linking to an off-site "album," which is either:

  • 1) Club-owned, i.e. "Album-C" or
  • 2) Photographer-owned, i.e. "Album-P"

1) Club-owned "Album-C"

The photographer controls the selection and quality of photos given to the club initially. The club then controls which photos are placed into Album-C, and whether and where these photos are shown on the website. Only the club can change the contents of Album-C and how it is displayed.

(If Album-C were to have only one photo, this is essentially the typical status quo for single photographs.)

2) Photographer-owned "Album-P"

The photographer retains complete control of whether, which and how his photos are placed into his Album-P.

The club retains only "veto" power -- it can choose whether and where to add a slideshow linking to Album-P, but cannot control Album-P's contents. Either ALL photos in Album-P will be displayed on the club's website, or NONE will.

Changes can be made by both parties:

The photographer can add new photos, remove photos or remove the entire Album-P.

The club can choose whether and where to display Album-P.

So, decide which option you like, and send something to us at

If you send us photos, we'll assume you're going with the first option, and your photos will automatically land in our Picasa "Drop-Box." We'll then move them into an appropriate "Album-C'."

But if you send us a link to your photos, please do clarify your intent:

Are you giving us permission to retrieve your photos and put copies into our own "Album-C"?

Or are you just sending us a link to your own "Album-P"?

Album location:

Flickr, Picasa, PBase, Phanfare, Ning.....the choices are endless, and there are pros and cons to each photo-sharing site.

We're trying to remain non-denominational (although Panoramio's "Look Around" feature is truly COOL!) so take your pick. However, our club has thus far mastered slideshows linking only to Picasa and Ning.

By the way, we are using only Picasa's "Web-Albums" -- not the optional Picasa desktop photo-management software. Picasa's "Drop-Box" is also very handy, as you can email photos from your phone or anywhere else directly into your own Drop-Box.

Either way, please also tell us all the nitty-gritty about your photos: where, when, why, etc., and who we should give credit to. Captions are not crucial, and for photos of minors, not recommended.