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OAR Junior Crew started as South Eugene Rowing Club (SERC) in the spring of 1986 with a handful of rowers. The next fall the team entered its first race using borrowed equipment from the UO and started growing. It wasn't until 1995 that the team was able to purchase their first boat. In 2000, SERC joined with OAR, a masters program, and created OAR Junior Crew. The Junior Crew expanded and started accept- ing athletes from area high schools. The team size varies between 30 and 80 athletes. As the team grew, additional coaches were hired to provide a greater athlete to rower ratio. This season the team has a paid part-time staff of three coaches and a manager.

Junior Crew Documents

  • Crew Vocabulary Handout (pdf, 13KB)
  • OAR Junior Crew Parent's Handbook (pdf, 51KB, Sep-2007)
  • OAR Jr Crew Scholarship Information (pdf)
  • US Rowing Waiver (pdf, required)

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OAR Jr Crew

OAR Junior Crew, a club sport, provides an opportunity for teenagers (8th-grade and up) in the Eugene-Lane County area to experience rowing in the sleek racing shells familiar to the Northeast. Most fall and spring afternoons, our athletes "pull together" at Dexter Lake, having fun and getting in great shape.

Crew athletes develop physical fitness, mental discipline, personal character, and a strong team work ethic as they train for races in the Northwest and Canada. While we base our winter training and bus transportation at South Eugene High School, this year's fifty-plus athletes hail from nine different schools. No prior experience, athletic prowess, or tryouts are required – just commitment! Curious teens can "dip their toes" into the world of rowing during OAR Junior Crew's optional summer program.

Team Building

At OAR Jr. Crew, we strive to build a team-oriented program. In rowing, more than any other sport, no one individual stands out. To succeed, everyone in the boat must work together. Through daily workouts and travel to regattas, the athletes build strong friendships, respect, and bonds with each other.

College Rowing

OAR Jr. Crew has sent rowers all over the country. It is exciting to watch opportunities open up for our rowers as they are recruited by universities and colleges.

Row-A-Thon 2006

Alumni rowers & coxswains, parents, coaches, masters -

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