These are several different attempts at reducing the picture size, just to see what works or doesn't....

(Sorry if the page takes a long time to load!)\

You can scroll down to each post on this one page, or click on these links, and each post will open in a separate browser page.

1. Original and four alternates

2. 50% Google resize of the Original Five: (1647x915 --> 824x458 -->412x229)

3. Google resized them to "Large" (420x233)

4. Google Resized to "Medium" (200x111) and "Small" (96x53)

There's actually only 5 unique image files here, and all are in the "1.Original.... " post. (Three at 1647x815 and two at 824x457.) All others use the same exact files, but the size reduction is done by Google and/or your browser. Some browsers will automatically shrink or enlarge images AGAIN to fit the browser window, confusing things even further.

With any image that has fine details, using the larger image and letting the browser reduce it yields unpredictable results, and also makes the page load much more slowly.